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The Pixar Touch in Asia

I don’t know why I was surprised, but I was surprised and very pleased when it turned out that the first three non-U.S. editions of The Pixar Touch were published in Asia. In case any Chinese- or Japanese-speaking visitors have made their way to this post, here’s where to look: the Chinese-language (simplified characters) edition was published by the China Renmin University Press in the People’s Republic of China; the Chinese-language (complex characters) edition, image above, was published by CTW Culture in Taiwan; and the Japanese-language edition was published by Hayakawa Publishing. All of them seem to have locally-written prefaces, which I’d love to be able to read, but I can’t.



The current (Oct. 8) issue of the New York Review of Books has a nice write-up by Christian Caryl about The Pixar Touch and Pixar in general. 

Highly readable… I suspect, by the way, that the index of Price’s book is the only one I will ever read that includes entries on both Jennifer Lopez and Benoît Mandelbrot, the theoretician of fractals.

Oh, I don’t know. Aren’t Jennifer Lopez and Benoît Mandelbrot both famous for their geometry?




The softcover edition of The Pixar Touch goes on sale this Tuesday, May 5. I got my box of author’s copies a couple weeks ago—always the most fun part of the writing process. Zack Wagman and his colleagues at Vintage Books did a nice job with it. 


The Pixar Touch in Japan

The Japanese-language edition of The Pixar Touch has just been released by Hayakawa Publishing. Haven’t held a copy in my hands yet; looking forward to it.


Library Journal best business books of the year

I was happy to learn that this week, Library Journal named The Pixar Touch one of the best business books of 2008