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Walt Disney Co. analyst conference call

Coincidentally, Disney's next earnings conference call is also scheduled for May 5. To hear the webcast of President and CEO Bob Iger and CFO Tom Staggs answering questions from Wall Street analysts, head to this page at 4:25 pm EDT. These webcasts by public companies are a nice side effect of the SEC's Regulation FD (the FD stands for "fair disclosure").

Expect at least a question or two about the concerns of some that Up won't connect with family audiences and that Disney Consumer Products has had a tough time lining up merchandising tie-ins. 

One of the things that amused me when I worked on The Pixar Touch was hearing a veteran Pixar executive describe how, in 1994, all the major toy companies pooh-poohed the merchandising possibilities of a forthcoming movie called Toy Story. Things worked out a little differently. So we'll see.